Patient Success Story: How Family Case Management Transformed a Mother’s Worries into Joy

In the heart of her second trimester, one of our patients embarked on an unexpected pregnancy journey, surrounded by the uncertainties that often accompany such surprises. While she had the unwavering support of the father, the couple found themselves grappling with the financial challenges of affording basic necessities, including nutritious food.


Upon enrolling in our Family Case Management program, the patient shared her concerns with her dedicated Family Case Manager (FCM), expressing the desire to provide a safe and comfortable space for her baby. Initially seeking assistance with securing enough food, the FCM promptly provided valuable information about local food pantries, ensuring that the nutritional needs of the growing family were met.


As the pregnancy progressed, the client returned to the FCM, this time with a specific request for a crib. Fearful of co-sleeping and eager for her baby to have a dedicated safe sleeping space, the client explained her financial constraints. Understanding the urgency of the situation, the FCM guided the client, informing her about potential Medicaid assistance for a crib.


Despite facing a discouraging 6-month waitlist for cribs through Medicaid, the FCM didn’t relent. Recognizing the imminent due date in late November, the client was referred to an external agency that offered crib support. Taking a proactive approach, the FCM scheduled a home visit, helping our patient translate and fill out the necessary paperwork in the comfort of her home.


During that same home visit, safe sleep education was also provided, empowering the client with knowledge crucial for the well-being of her child.


Within a mere two weeks of submitting the application to the external agency, the client received the cribette. Overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion, she expressed sincere thanks for the unwavering support and guidance provided by her Case Manager.


This heartwarming success story showcases the transformative impact of our Family Case Managers. By addressing the diverse needs of pregnant women and infants, we strive to create a nurturing environment for every family.


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