Greater Family Health and Gail Borden Public Library’s Fight Against Digital Inequities

Greater Family Health is determined to breaking down barriers and eliminating inequities in all areas of our patient’s lives.  That is why we are excited to continue our collaboration with Gail Borden Public Library’s TechKnow Mobile as they continue to address and mend digital and technological inequities in Elgin and surrounding communities.


Gail Borden Public Library’s TechKnow Mobile is a one-stop technology assistance vehicle.  The TechKnow Mobile offers circulating Wi-Fi hotspots, Google Chromebooks, print books, and DVDs, and the Gail Borden Public Library staff members on board are ready to help if anyone needs to know how something works.


“It has been an honor working alongside Greater Family Health and their Community Outreach Department to help bridge the digital divide,” said Madeleine Villalobos, Digital Equity Librarian for Gail Borden Public Library.  “The pandemic helped bring to light the digital gap among the underserved” she continued.


Madeleine, alongside several Gail Borden Public Library team members, have called Greater Family Health’s location at 373 Summit Street in Elgin, IL home as they bring their big and bold TechKnow Mobile to provide resources to Greater Family Health patients and their family members.


Madeleine states “The families that [we] meet [often] borrow computers or hotspots for many reasons, such as learning computer basics, connecting to their Patient Portal to see their medical charts, telehealth, registering for programs, employment, and/or entertainment.”


Through these interactions, Gail Borden Public Library and Greater Family Health have seen and heard tremendous and heartfelt success stories from the patients and their family members who have engaged with the TechKnow Mobile.  Please read some of the success stories below:


“[These stories] demonstrate the importance of removing barriers to technology access while providing computer devices and digital literacy to enhance lifelong learning where our customers live, learn and play” Madeleine stated. 


You can visit the TechKnow Mobile at Greater Family Health’s 373 Summit Street location two times a month.  For more information and dates of their visits, please visit:

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