Greater Family Health Achieves a Perfect Score as a Result of Operational Site Visit

On April 26, 2022, Greater Family received the official results of the organization’s Health Resources Services Administration/Bureau of Primary Health Care Operational Site Visit (OSV), which occurred March 15 -17, 2022.  The results indicate that Greater Family Health is in comprehensive and complete compliance with each of the 18 Program Requirements of the Bureau of Primary Health Care.


The tri-annual OSV is an exceptionally detailed and sophisticated review of a multitude of documents expected of all Federally Qualified Health Centers, accompanied by numerous Board member and staff interviews.  Considered the primary quality and compliance assurance system implemented by BPHC, the 3-day Visit assesses compliance with 18 Program Requirements via the examination of 93 Elements, each laden with specific criteria.


In addition to a 100% compliance score, Greater Family Health received multiple compliments regarding many excellent aspects of the organization including the caliber of its professionals, facilities, clinical and operational outcomes, and its’ operational and financial sophistication. 


President/CEO Bob Tanner specifically noted the substantial contributions of Jason Carey (Chief Financial Officer), Nicholas Demorest (Performance Improvement Coordinator/Special Projects Manager), and Lupe Fonseca (Chief Operating Officer) who constituted the majority of the Team that spent almost a year preparing for the OSV and orchestrated the successful review.  “I’ll keep saying it because it’s true – each of our successes is due only to the skillful efforts of our Team.  Trust me – the OSV is like no other…thank you to each of them!’


The March 2022 was the 4th Operational Site Visit successfully completed by Greater Family Health.

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