Meet Our CEO, V. Guadalupe Fonseca


We are thrilled to introduce our new CEO, Lupe Fonseca, a dynamic leader with a rich background and a passion for healthcare. Born in Mexico City and currently residing in Darien, IL, she brings a unique blend of cultural experiences and academic excellence to Greater Family Health.

A Long-Standing Commitment


Lupe has been a part of the Greater Family Health team since 2005, serving in various roles including Business Manager, Practice Manager, CFO, and COO. Her dedication and leadership have been instrumental in our growth and success. Now, as she steps into the role of CEO, we look forward to the continued impact of her leadership.


Early Life and Education


Lupe spent the first three years of her life living in Mexico City. Her father is from Guanajuato, Mexico and her mother from Hidalgo, Mexico. She grew up with one younger sister and has a large extended family in the southwestern suburbs and Chicago.


She attended Whitney Young high School in Chicago and completed her undergraduate degree, Master of Health Service Administration (MHSA), and MBA at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL. Currently, she is a Doctoral Candidate at Franklin University, pursuing a DHSA. This pursuit is not for professional reasons, but a testament to her being a lifelong learner who enjoys the stimulation that a classroom setting provides.


Hobbies and Interests


When not immersed in her work, Lupe enjoys a variety of hobbies. She loves reading, taking road trips, swimming, playing Catan, working on puzzles, listening to live music, and crafting. She also enjoys spending time with her extended family and grilling in the summertime.


Her taste in music is as diverse as her interests, ranging from Mexican regional music and cumbias to classic rock, bluegrass, and even country music. She is also a fan of Star Trek, especially The Next Generation, and enjoys both the movies and books of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones all of which are in her personal collection.


Culinary Adventures and Travel


Open to all kinds of food, Lupe loves to experiment with new dishes. Her favorite dessert is sticky rice and mango. Her favorite restaurant is Submarine Port in Chicago, a place she frequented with her father when they lived in Gage Park. A lover of travel, she often visits Mexico, where her parents live most of the year. She enjoys exploring new cities and has a special fondness for New Orleans. One of her favorite vacations was a road trip from Chicago to California, sticking to Route 66 as much as possible. She hopes to travel internationally in the future, with Spain being at the top of her list.


Looking Ahead


As CEO, Lupe is excited about many things. She is thrilled to see Stacy David and Erin Segovia take on the COO and CNO roles and believes the addition of the CNO role will greatly benefit the organization. She looks forward to developing relationships with our practitioners and external stakeholders and is eager to immerse herself in aspects of the organization that she has only seen glimpses of until now. She is also excited to see what the future brings for Greater Family Health. Having witnessed the transformation of healthcare over her 26-year career, she expects that there will be additional transformation of the healthcare delivery system. Please join us in welcoming Lupe as she embarks on this exciting new chapter in her journey with Greater Family Health!

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