Cheers to All the Years

Cheers to All the Years

On Wednesday, June 26th, Greater Family Health celebrated the retirement of its esteemed CEO, Bob Tanner, with a celebratory breakfast event at The Seville in Streamwood. The occasion was marked by the closure of all 11 of the Health Center’s locations, allowing over 300 attendees—including staff, practitioners, colleagues, friends, family, and even elected officials—to gather and honor Bob’s nearly 20-year career.


As attendees shuffled into the room, friends and colleagues greeted each other with beaming smiles. Firm handshakes and warm hugs were exchanged. Bob, moved by the sheer number of people arriving in his honor, was also walking around greeting everyone he passed. The event began with a delicious breakfast buffet of warm scrambled eggs, fluffy French toast, and an assortment of other breakfast sides. Throughout the celebration, a slideshow of pictures and messages of colleagues from Bob’s illustrious career played, accompanied by jazz fusion songs—a nod to Bob’s past as a member of a jazz fusion band. A particularly touching moment was when Bob’s son made a surprise appearance, adding to the emotional atmosphere.


Several notable figures delivered speeches, each highlighting Bob’s significant contributions and the indelible mark he has left on Greater Family Health. Debbie Everett, Board Chair of Greater Family Health, accompanied by the rest of the Board standing behind her, spoke first, gifting Bob a plaque that honored him as Greater Family Health’s “Chief Trouble Maker.”


Next to speak was Donna Anderson, a long-standing contributor to the organization’s success who is often referred to as the Mother of Greater Family Health. In her speech, Donna explained how she would send Bob flowers on the anniversary of his hire date—and ended her speech by handing him one last bouquet.


Illinois Senator Cristina Castro and Representative Anna Moeller also shared their admiration for Bob’s work and the Mission of Greater Family Health to provide quality and affordable health care to the working class. Bob himself took the stage, sharing heartfelt reflections on his journey, extending appreciation to his wife, and promised to never forget his coworkers, and those who came before them. Lupe Fonseca, the current COO and next CEO, expressed her gratitude and excitement to continue Bob’s legacy and goal of taking over the world.


The theme of the event, “Cheers to all the Years,” was beautifully complemented by emerald color accents, symbolizing his nearly 20-year career. There were many tears shed as colleagues and friends reminisced about Bob’s fierce passion for his work, his role as a phenomenal teacher and mentor, and the strong legacy he leaves behind.


As the event drew to a close, many attendees lined up to take pictures with Bob, capturing memories of this significant milestone. The day ended on an emotional note as Bob took one last look at the room filled with his colleagues and friends before walking out the doors, marking the end of an era for Greater Family Health.


Bob Tanner’s retirement celebration was a testament to his dedication, passion, and the profound impact he has had on the organization and the communities it serves. He began his career at Greater Family Health leading one health center. On June 28th, 2024, he leaves having established 10 more. His legacy and fierce fight for the underdog will undoubtedly continue to inspire and guide Greater Family Health for years to come.

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