Living Greater – Lisa’s Success Story

As a health care organization, Greater Family Health understands the importance of timely and comprehensive prenatal care for expectant mothers and their children.  That is why Greater Family Health proudly offers prenatal care services in our Health Centers located in Elgin, McHenry, Palatine, Streamwood, and Wheeling.


Lisa was familiar with Greater Family Health as her three-year-old son is a patient at one of our Health Centers, and she also received assistance from our Care Managers regarding enrollment into the Women, Infants, Children (WIC) program.  Following the discovery that Lisa was six weeks pregnant with her second child, Lisa started prenatal care with Greater Family Health to ensure that both her and her baby were healthy.


Lisa was overjoyed to know that she could turn to Greater Family Health for the services that she and her baby needed.  


“They made sure that we had our vitals, that we were eating healthy and doing what we needed to do in order to take care of [my] baby,” said Lisa.  Lisa truly felt that Greater Family Health was with her from the beginning to the end.  “My OBGYN, she was awesome…she was there to be able to help me as much as possible and make sure that I had a great delivery process as well,” she continued.


34% of African American women in the United States start care late or do not receive the recommended number of prenatal visits due to limited access to prenatal care (Maternal Health Task Force, 2020).  Due to stigma, Lisa struggled with overcoming her own perception of what others’ thought of her.  Despite these issues, Lisa found herself welcomed into Greater Family Health’s inclusive and comforting environment which made the process easier for her, her children, and her loved ones.


“It made the process a little bit easier because [Greater Family Health] made us feel that we were all in this together and that we were not being judged or that I was not being judged because I’m an African American woman,” Lisa shared.


Additionally, Lisa’s prenatal care journey included engaging with Greater Family Health’s Family Case Management Department.


“The [Family Case Management Department] took initiative to reach out. They make sure that women and children get the resources they need to live a productive lifestyle before and after birth,” Lisa stated.


At the end of her journey with Greater Family Health, Lisa safely delivered her beautiful and healthy second child at Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Illinois.


If you or someone you know are expecting or planning to be pregnant and are looking for quality and affordable prenatal care services, please call 844.599.3700 to schedule an appointment with our talented team of professionals.


To learn more about our Prenatal Care services visit Women’s Health – Greater Family Health and to learn more about Lisa’s story visit or the video below.



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