View The Most Recent Patient Satisfaction Survey Results On Our Website

Assessing our patient’s satisfaction with our services and staff has been one of our priorities since 2005, when we began implementing quarterly Patient Satisfaction Surveys.

Our most-recent Patient Satisfaction Survey period took place between April 22 –27, 2019. During this period, English and Spanish surveys were offered to every exiting patient or parent/guardian receiving care in every Greater Family Health Health Centers. During this period, a total of 3,408 surveys were offered to patients and a total of 2,362 completed surveys were collected.

In the past, we have shared the overall Patient Satisfaction Survey Results on our website.  This year, in addition to sharing our overall Survey Results, we are excited to also share each individual Health Center’s Survey Results.  You can view each Health Center’s Survey Results on their respective page on our website.

Once you are in the Health Center’s page, the link to view our most recent Survey Results is posted on the right-hand side under the Health Center’s address and phone number, as shown in the picture below.

In each Health Center’s Survey Results, you will find the list of questions asked, as well as the Level of Satisfaction for the last 4 survey periods. The Survey Results also break down the Level of Satisfaction for English and Spanish speaking patients. In pages 9 – 12 of the Survey Results, you can see direct patient quotes for the following questions: “What is most helpful for you at Greater Family Health?” and “How can we improve Greater Family Health?”.

By sharing our Patient Satisfaction Survey Results online, we continue to honor the culture of transparency and integrity that Greater Family Health is known for. We are proud of the work our staff does every day to ensure that each Greater Family Health patient is satisfied with our services, and we believe this hard work is the reason, coupled with our SPIRIT of Excellence, behind our excellent patient satisfaction results.

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