Celebrating Excellence: The 2023 SPIRIT Awards Banquet Honors Greater Family Health’s Exceptional Team Members

The stage was set, excitement filled the air, and anticipation mounted as the 2023 SPIRIT Awards Banquet commenced to honor the exceptional individuals who demonstrated unwavering commitment, dedication, and compassion at Greater Family Health. The event brought together colleagues to celebrate the nominees and the recipients of the prestigious SPIRIT of Excellence Awards.

The SPIRIT of Excellence Awards, an annual tradition at Greater Family Health, aims to recognize outstanding contributions from employees across different categories including Patient Liaison, Care Partner, Practitioner, and Organizational Support. These awards testify to the organization’s commitment to fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition.

The event kicked off with Christina Mazhary, Director of Human Resources, extending her heartfelt gratitude to all attendees for gathering to honor the accomplishments of their colleagues.  She acknowledged the dedicated SPIRIT Award Committee, led by Devlin Collins, Human Resources Administrative Assistant, for their diligent efforts in reviewing nominations and selecting deserving winners based on the data provided by nominees.

The Committee, comprising Noemi Salazar (Health Benefits Specialist), Diana Guerrero (Medical Assistant), Judith Castro (Nurse Practitioner), and Ismael Cordová-Clough (Community Outreach Coordinator), represented different facets of Greater Family Health, ensuring a fair and comprehensive selection process.

The SPIRIT of Excellence Awards nominations process begins with employees and patients having the opportunity to submit nominations online through Connect or via paper forms available in all Greater Family Health clinics.  HR collected all nominations and presented them to the Committee, removing any identifying information to ensure an unbiased evaluation.  Each Committee member thoughtfully rated each nomination based on the shared content.

Devlin Collins presented the Patient Liaison category award. The winner, Noemi Salazar, received heartfelt praise for her exceptional leadership and teamwork.  She was commended for going above and beyond to support her co-workers and patients, fostering a true sense of teamwork.

Diana Guerrero then honored Jovana Perez, the Care Partner category winner.  Jovana’s dedication shone through as she went the extra mile to help a Spanish-speaking patient schedule additional necessary care.  Her outstanding communication skills and genuine patient care garnered high praise from her colleagues and patients.

Stephanie Williams, the Practitioner category winner, was celebrated by Judith Castro for her outstanding commitment to guiding patients through recovery.  Stephanie’s unwavering support and compassionate care leaves a lasting impact on her patients’ lives.  Her dedication was also evident through the positive feedback she consistently received from those she helped.

Lastly, Ismael Cordová-Clough recognized Philomena Tovar as the Organizational Support category winner.  Philomena’s exceptional skills and dedication were evident when she volunteered to support her supervisor after a team member’s departure.  Her efforts ensured the Billing Department’s success and exemplified the true spirit of teamwork.

Each winner received a certificate commemorating their outstanding achievement and a valuable gift of their choice worth $250.

As the awards ceremony ended, Bob Tanner, Greater Family Health’s CEO/President, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to all the nominees, Award recipients and the SPIRIT Award Committee for making the event a tremendous success.  He emphasized the significance of recognizing outstanding contributions and their positive impact on the organization and encouraged each attendee to continue to actively pursue excellence and the attributes of successful managers and leaders.

Before the event concluded, attendees had the opportunity to capture the special moment with photos.  An iconic moment was captured as all the Annual Winners posed together, showcasing the unity and excellence that defines the organization.

The 2023 SPIRIT Award Banquet was an unforgettable event celebrating the extraordinary individuals who exemplify the organization’s values and dedication to patient care.  As the event concluded, attendees left with hearts full of pride and admiration for the exceptional work that continues to positively impact the lives of patients and colleagues at Greater Family Health.

Congratulations to the 2023 SPIRIT of Excellence Winners and 2023’s Quarterly Top Performers!

  • Patrisia Adjuntas
  • Brisa Alarcon Carreon
  • Kiran Ali
  • Bianca Arana
  • Andrea Cervantes
  • Nayeli Diaz
  • Veronica Fraga
  • Carla Garcia
  • Kayla Garcia
  • Gabriela Gonzalez
  • Fabiola Martinez
  • Mark Mathews
  • Olha Mendyuk
  • Jessica Miller
  • Alejandro Nambo
  • Rocio Nava
  • Teodora Ninkovska
  • Jovana Perez
  • Helen Reyes
  • Noemi Salazar
  • Amber Sayles
  • Anna Serna
  • Kolawole Sofowora
  • Laura Toledo
  • Philomena Tovar
  • Daisy Valdez
  • Stephanie Williams

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