Oletha Johnson, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, is Honored at YWCA Leader Luncheon

On May 14th, 2021 community members from the Elgin area gathered virtually during the YWCA Elgin’s annual Leader Luncheon to honor and celebrate distinguished women leaders who make a substantial positive impact and contribution to the community.  One of those distinguished women leaders honored was our very own Oletha Johnson, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner of Greater Family Health!


Oletha was nominated by Greater Family Health and was awarded the Beatrice Dorsey Award for Business and Professions by the YWCA Selection Committee. In his announcement of Oletha’s selection during the Luncheon, Greater Family Health President/CEO Bob Tanner noted that as ‘leader of our obstetrics and gynecological services for over 18 years, Oletha has changed the face of women’s health care in the greater Elgin area.’  Tanner also noted Oletha’s long history of being a service-oriented leader focused on women’s health, and her continued passion for reducing patient risk and a joyful patient experience.  Members of Greater Family Health’s  Leadership Team and Community Outreach department attended the YWCA Leader Luncheon to support Oletha and celebrate her award and achievements.


Oletha’s comments in accepting the award were telling. She spoke to her moving to Elgin 22 years ago, knowing no one, and working in a specialty in which the reality of life or death occurs daily. Oletha also addressed that being part of a system that creates a happy ending with a healthy baby is one of the most rewarding parts of her role in serving the residents of the Elgin area.


Oletha’s dedication, significant role in the nursing profession and greater Elgin area, and leadership abilities make her an inspiration for many Greater Family Health staff members.  She is a role model for many young ladies, as well as a professional partially responsible for the delivery of hundreds of healthy babies every year.


We are proud of all that Oletha has achieved on behalf of the thousands of OB/GYN patients she and Greater Family Health have cared for. 


Congratulations Oletha – and thank you for your dedication, commitment to excellence and hard work!

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