Comprehensive HIV Testing and the Power of PrEP at Greater Family Health

At Greater Family Health, we take pride in offering a diverse range of sexual health services, including comprehensive HIV testing, treatment options, and pre-and post-exposure medication solutions.

What is Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)?

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) has emerged as a potent tool in combating HIV, providing individuals at high risk with a daily pill that can effectively prevent the transmission of the virus. Consisting of a combination of two antiretroviral drugs, PrEP has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of HIV infection when taken consistently.  However, strict adherence to the prescribed daily regimen is crucial for effectiveness.

PrEP works by impeding the establishment of a permanent HIV infection in individuals exposed to the virus through sexual contact or injection drug use.  Adhering to the daily medication routine can significantly decrease one’s chances of acquiring HIV, especially when combined with other preventive measures like condom usage.

Is PrEP effective?

Numerous clinical trials have provided compelling evidence supporting the effectiveness of PrEP.  Participants who consistently adhered to the medication experienced a significantly lower risk of HIV infection, with up to a 92% reduction compared to those who did not take the medicine.

To ensure the appropriate usage of PrEP, new federal guidelines recommend considering it for HIV-negative individuals who face substantial risk.  This includes individuals in ongoing relationships with HIV-positive partners, those engaging in high-risk sexual behaviors, and people who inject drugs.  Heterosexual couples with one partner HIV-positive and the other HIV-negative are also encouraged to discuss PrEP as a protective option during conception and pregnancy.

How do I talk to my provider about PrEP?

Healthcare providers are critical in promoting PrEP and evaluating individuals’ eligibility for its use.  Regular follow-up visits every three months, HIV testing, and counseling on medication adherence and risk reduction are vital components of PrEP management.

While PrEP offers significant protection against HIV, it is essential to note that no prevention strategy is 100% effective.  Patients taking PrEP are encouraged to use additional preventive measures such as consistent condom usage, getting tested for HIV with partners, and choosing lower-risk sexual behaviors.

How can I learn more about PrEP?

The widespread adoption of PrEP necessitates a collective effort. Greater Family Health is committed to promoting our HIV prevention programs, integrating PrEP education into existing initiatives, and assisting individuals at high risk in accessing this life-saving preventive measure. As we continue the fight against HIV, PrEP provides renewed hope in reducing the transmission of this devastating virus and bringing us closer to an AIDS-free generation.

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