Greater Family Health Shares Its Innovative Practices to Reduce Hypertension

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) invited Greater Family Health to offer a webinar focused on hypertension control on August 11th, 2021.


Bob Tanner, President/CEO, Lupe Fonseca, COO, and Dr. Deepak Ariga, CMO of Greater Family Health shared how Greater Family Health’s corporate culture, and resultant specific workflows, training, and accountability systems, have helped Greater Family Health achieve long-standing success regarding patients’ ability to control their hypertension.


Greater Family Health is the area’s premier Federally Qualified Health Center, providing the full range of quality, affordably priced, fully integrated primary care services through nine Community Health Centers in five different counties.  In 2020, Greater Family Health took care of just under 61,000 individuals, through 167,933 appointments.


Greater Family Health has met the threshold for the Million Hearts Hypertension Control Award consecutively every year since 2013, including in 2020 and during a pandemic.  The organization is a 2017 CDC Million Hearts Hypertension Control Champion (5-year honor) and was awarded the National Quality Leader Award 3 times, the National Health Center Quality Leader Award 7 times, and the National Clinical Quality Improver Award 6 times.


Greater Family Health believes that that it is our corporate culture and residual commitment to excellence that has caused the organization’s traditional success on Clinical Indicator Outcomes, including hypertension control.  Greater Family Health’s culture is encouraged throughout the organization and has led to a multitude of strategies that continue to be implemented.


Please see the full presentation below to learn more. 

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