Greater Family Health Partners with ECC to Spread HIV Awareness

Greater Family Health is pleased to announce our partnership with Elgin Community College in providing free and confidential rapid HIV testing to the public. 


This initiative will allow us to continue the expansion of access to HIV/AIDS testing services in Elgin and the surrounding areas, while also driving awareness, advocacy, and educating the public about sexual health. Normalizing HIV testing and empowering individuals to humanize the issue can eliminate barriers and end stigma. Free and confidential rapid HIV testing will take place every

Tuesday from 11 AM to 2 PM, at Elgin Community College, Building A room A118.


Open to ECC students and the public, our HIV testing event welcomes anyone aged 12 and up. Patients or their guardians will need a picture ID. The testing process is straightforward and minimally invasive, involving just a single drop of blood from a finger prick and results are provided within 20 minutes. While patients wait for their results, our Outreach and Prevention Educator will conduct a patient-centered risk assessment to help them develop personalized strategies for risk reduction.


What is HIV?


HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that fights against cells that combat infections, weakening the immune system, and allowing the person to be more susceptible to opportunistic infections. It is primarily spread though contact with bodily fluids of an infected person, most commonly during unprotected sex, sharing needles and other injection drug equipment, or from perinatal transmission. If the infection is left untreated, it could lead to the development of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).


While HIV has no cure, there are effective treatment options to suppress the virus and help people live longer and healthier lives. These treatments work by reducing the amount of HIV particles in a person’s bloodstream also known as the viral load. People living with HIV who take the treatments as prescribed by a health care provider can reduce their viral load to the point where the virus is undetectable. People who maintain an undetectable viral load for at least six months cannot transmit HIV though sex.


Greater Family Health HIV services  


Greater Family Health has credentialed practitioners and support staff that have experience treating HIV positive individuals and those that are at risk. They are an essential source to meet the needs of our patients and provide them with any medical or social services needed. Greater Family Health also offers HIV testing services, counseling, and HIV prevention treatment (PrEP). For a full list of services we offer, click here.


Leonardo Olvera Medina is an Outreach and Prevention Educator and can provide more information about HIV services. For any questions or to learn more, you can reach him at 224-291-6029 or [email protected],


Greater Family Health aims to provide a supportive and inclusive space free of judgment for patients to be their authentic selves, express their HIV questions and concerns and take control of their health. Through education and free resources, we can help reduce the spread of HIV and protect those living with HIV.

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