Greater Family Health’s Outcomes Exceed Benchmarks – Yet Again!

2015 data released by the Bureau of Primary Health Care demonstrates that, once again, Greater Family Health’s outcomes are far better than most community health centers (CHC) on an array of health, financial and operational indicators.

The UDS Summary Report, released earlier this week by the Health Resources and Services Administration, offers the clinical and financial performance outcomes of Greater Family Health, comparing them to State of Illinois and National community health center averages.

For the 11th consecutive year, Greater Family Health outperforms its peers:

Health Outcome Indicators

Greater Family Health’s Health Care outcomes beat the Illinois average on 14 of 16 indicators:

Greater Family Health performed 6% less than the State average on Cervical Cancer Screening and was unsuccessful in linking its 1 HIV patient in 2015 to ongoing care.

Financial Outcome Indicators

Greater Family Health’s Financial Outcomes also beat the Illinois average on every financial indicator, meaning that Greater Family Health provides quality health care at a low cost:

Operational Outcome Indicators

The 2015 Report indicates that the volume of care provided by Greater Family Health practitioners is rapidly growing:

Greater Family Health is a non-profit Community Health Center which provided care to over 43,000 different people via over 146,000 appointments in Fiscal Year 2016. Greater Family Health presently offers care out of 9 full-time Health Centers and over 2 dozen part-time locations. 

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