Greater Family Health Celebrates 15th Anniversary

On July 21st, 2016 Greater Family Health professionals were joined by several dozen community partners and Board Members to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Greater Family Health. The celebration took place at Greater Family Health and celebrated Greater Family Health’s 15 years of care provision. Guests at the event received tours of the Health Center and enjoyed delicious appetizers and refreshments.

Craig Dodt, Chair of the Board of Directors, welcomed guests to the celebration and shared how proud he is to be a patient of Greater Family Health and a member of the Board of Directors. He congratulated the organization on 15 years of successful achievements and shared his hope and vision for the next 15 years to come.

In addition to celebrating its 15th anniversary, Greater Family Health also introduced a fundraising campaign to provide cervical cancer screenings to uninsured women who seek care in Greater Family Health Health Centers. Dr. Mark Thompson, Medical Director, highlighted the importance of early screening in the prevention of cancer and the negative effect that not being screened can have on a woman’s life. Many guests supported this campaign through a monetary donation to Greater Family Health.

Bob Tanner, President/CEO, thanked participants for joining Greater Family Health in celebrating 15 years of service to the community and thanked the professionals that are part of the organization for continuously providing high quality and respectful care to all patients. Mr. Tanner also thanked Ed Hunter and Donna Anderson, two of the founding members of Greater Family Health, for their work and support to make Greater Family Health the successful health care provider it is today. In addition, Mr. Tanner acknowledged the Shales and Schueneman families for the continued support they have shown for the organization.

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