Greater Family Health Receives National Recognition for Quality of Care – Again

Greater Family Health’s 2016 outcomes on Bureau of Primary Health Care Clinical Indicators have been recognized as among the best of all Federally Qualified Health Centers in the United States and Illinois – for the 4th year in a row!

The Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) recognized Greater Family Health as a Health Center Quality Leader and Clinical Quality Improver on August 15, 2017, with Greater Family Health receiving the largest Addressing Health Disparities Award in Illinois. Greater Family Health also received the 3rd largest Health Center Quality Leader and 3rd largest Enhancing Access to Care Awards in Illinois.

The Awards are in recognition of Greater Family Health’s 2016 clinical outcomes, which beat the Illinois average on 14 of 15 reported Clinical Indicators. Those same outcomes are ranked in the top 25% in the United States on 10 of 15 Indicators, and in the 26-50% percentile on 4 of the remaining 5.

The recognitions acknowledge that Greater Family Health’s outcomes are far better than most Health Centers in the State and Nationally, on an array of Indicators.

None of the other 43 awarded Community Health Centers in Illinois received a larger HRSA Quality Improvement Grant Award than Greater Family Health, when controlling for number of organizational sites which have achieved Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH) recognition. Even when factoring in number of sites PCMH recognized, Greater Family Health received the 2nd largest total Award in Illinois, despite seeing only the 9th largest number of patients amongst Community Health Centers in the State.

“I believe that the definition of success is not achieving the goal, but maintaining that excellence over a long period of time. This is the 4th year in a row that Greater Family Health has received such prestigious recognitions from HHS/HRSA. It’s our practitioners and staff who make such excellent patient outcomes continue to happen” said Bob Tanner, President/CEO of Greater Family Health.

Greater Family Health’s outcomes are available here.

Outcomes of every FQHC in Illinois and the United States are available here.

The Press Release offered by HRSA is available here.

Greater Family Health is a non-profit Community Health Center which provided care to over 46,000 different people via over 158,000 appointments in Fiscal Year 2017. Greater Family Health offers care out of 9 full-time Health Centers in 4 Chicagoland Counties, and is Accredited and Certified as a Primary Care Medical Home by The Joint Commission.

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