Greater Family Health Celebrates 16th Anniversary

On July 16, 2017, Greater Family Health celebrates 16 years of providing primary health care services. Our Sweet Sixteen birthday!

Like any teenager, our growing up has been full of fits and starts, good days and tough days, and many accomplishments with some setbacks sprinkled in.

But we’re maturing nicely. Greater Family Health is a leader in the provision of quality care amongst Illinois Community Health Centers, while also continuing to grow multiple times the State and National Averages and keeping our costs lower than the averages as well. Further, the volume of quality care Greater Family Health provides has only grown each of the past 16 years, and we presently also have the most Practitioners ever affiliated with Greater Family Health. Our reach and positive impact on residents of local communities has never been larger.

Although our pending adulthood looks very promising, there’s still several external influences which could impact us during this formative period, just like those present that could influence any teenager. Health care reform, funding mechanism changes and managed care all present both opportunities and threats.

But we’ve been raised well. We know how to listen, learn, implement, adjust and improve. And thus there’s every reason to be confident regarding Greater Family Health’s future.

Happy Birthday Greater Family Health! We’ve done a great job at successfully fulfilling our mission thus far, and I’m sure we’ll continue to do so!

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