Excellent Outcomes for Greater Family Health Indicated in Recent Comparison Report

2011 data released by the Bureau of Primary Health Care indicates that Greater Family Health’s outcomes are better than most community health centers on a wide range of health care and operational items.

The UDS Summary Report and UDS Health Center Trend Report, both recently released by the Health Resources and Services Administration, specify the outcomes of Greater Family Health, comparing them against State of Illinois and National community health center averages and benchmarks.

For the 7th consecutive year, Greater Family Health out-performs its peers:

Health Indicators:

“These outcomes prove that our professionals, and the care they provide, are successful at improving the health of our patients” said Bob Tanner, President/CEO of Greater Family Health. “They are especially impressive when one considers the fact that, operationally, Greater Family Health far surpasses its peers as well” he said, noting a number of excellent Greater Family Health operational outcomes.

Operational Indicators:

Over the past 3 years, the volume of care provided by Greater Family Health has grown very rapidly:

Besides providing quality health care to many more area residents, Greater Family Health is also cost-efficient, making the organization a tremendous value for both its patients and funders:

“It’s a tremendous credit to all of our staff and Board that we are growing so rapidly and providing such a value while also offering superior health care that results in measurably improved health outcomes” indicated Tanner.”

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