Behavioral Health Services Continue to Grow at Greater Family Health

Behavioral Health Services, including Behavioral Health Therapy, have expanded to our Hanover Park and Wheeling locations. During the pandemic, Greater Family Health recognized that many more patients are requesting and utilizing behavioral health support due to the complicating factors of COVID-19, in addition to daily stressors.


According to the Institute for Community Living, an organization that studies the behavioral health field’s response to the pandemic, “In more common disasters, there is an overwhelming all-hands-on-deck and “rush to cure” response. What has been unbelievably unique about the pandemic is its’ length and persistence, demanding protracted efforts and calling into action sustained resiliency and resources.” While most organizations can respond in the short term, it has been the strength of the Greater Family Health culture that has maintained a heightened response over the long haul by not only keeping our services intact but expanding to additional areas of need.


According to a report issued earlier this year by SAMHSA (federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), national behavioral health needs require a workforce of at least 4.5 million; yet there are only some 700,000 individuals working in behavioral health, including substance use disorder services. This leaves a 4-million-person shortage for behavioral health services. The SAMHSA report offers a number of recommendations for filling this gap, including a national public education campaign about the need for behavioral health providers; encouraging students to pursue this career; and increasing loan forgiveness programs in behavioral health specialties to encourage entry to the field and increase the peer professional workforce. Greater Family Health is proud to employ numerous behavioral health providers, ranging in expertise from families, children, substance use disorders, and more. As always, Greater Family Health considers our mission to provide quality, affordable health care for all, including those without the ability to pay. Many of our patients would not be able to access these critical services without our program.


If you are seeking behavioral health treatment for yourself or someone you know, please call 844-599-3700 or ask one of our team members during your next appointment.

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