2015 Data Indicates Impact of School-Based Health Care

Elgin, IL-
April 16, 2016

Greater Family Health published today the Calendar Year 2015 School-Based Impact Reports, detailing the volume of care provided in area schools during 2015.

According to the Reports, Greater Family Health practitioners provided 2,249 area students 3,341 medical and dental appointments IN area schools during 2015.

Greater Family Health provided medical care in 8 District 300 schools during the year. 198 students of 5 schools received 277 medical care appointments. 138 students of 3 District 300 schools received 175 oral health care appointments.

Even larger was the care provided by Greater Family Health’s practitioners in School District U-46 schools. 494 students of 19 schools in U-46 received 769 medical care appointments. Oral health care was offered to 1,419 District U-46 students in 20 different schools, totaling over 2,200 oral health care appointments provided.

The Reports were submitted to both Districts’ Board and Administrators, as well as to each affected school Principal.

“Greater Family Health’s Board and staff are most-pleased with our ongoing collaboration with both Districts 300 and U-46, now going back for more than a decade” said Bob Tanner, Greater Family Health’s President/CEO.

“Providing care in area schools, locations in which both the student/patient and family are familiar with, is a primary way to increase access to care” Tanner continued. “We are deeply appreciative of each District’s ongoing support of our school-based program, via which we provide care to over 2,200 area students annually.”

Greater Family Health provides comprehensive pediatric primary care to District students in each identified school via Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, supported by a number of different professionals. Greater Family Health’s Dental Sealant program offers cleaning, examinations, fluoride treatment and sealants to identified children through portable dental operatories, Dentists and supportive personnel.

All services provided are fully compliant with the Standards of The Joint Commission, Greater Family Health’s accrediting body.

More information about Greater Family Health is available at www.gefcc.org.

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