January 2023 Patient Satisfaction Survey Results Available!

One of Greater Family Health’s top priorities is to provide quality, affordable health care services in a respectful manner that meets the needs of our patients.  We maintain a commitment to delivering exceptional services, and to help evaluate our achievement of these goals, we regularly conduct ask patients to evaluate their satisfaction with our staff and services.

Our quarterly Patient Satisfaction Surveys therefore play a crucial role, allowing us to consistently monitor patient satisfaction levels and make any necessary improvements.

We are pleased to announce that the patient satisfaction scores and comments we received during the 1/2023 evaluation period were overwhelmingly positive, with hundreds of patients submitting favorable comments in their responses.

We are delighted to report that our overall patient satisfaction score has remained above 93%.  This remarkable outcome is a testament to our staff and their unwavering commitment to not only meeting our patients’ needs but doing so in a respectful manner that is aligned with the highest quality standards in healthcare.

We kindly request that you use this link to access the Patient Satisfaction Survey Results for each of our Health Centers.  


Patient Satisfaction – Greater Family Health


After selecting your preferred Health Center, you will be presented with an infographic summarizing the survey results.  Additionally, you may use the link provided below the infographic to access the complete Survey Results and read patients’ feedback.  We strongly encourage you to review these results as they offer valuable insights into what our patients think about Greater Family Health.

Greater Family Health would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed practitioners and dedicated staff for their steadfast commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services to our patients.

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