Time is Ticking – Don’t Forget to Apply for Health Benefits!

Choosing the best health insurance plan for you or your family can be time-consuming and tiresome.  We recognize that enrolling in health benefits may be something that families put off because it is complicated to grasp.  That is where we, at Greater Family Health, can assist you.

Greater Family Health understands how critical it is for patients to be covered, which is why we provide FREE health benefits enrollment to all community members.  Please be aware that the current Open Enrollment period to apply for health benefits ends on January 15, 2023.

“Having healthcare insurance is important because medical care, and medicines, can be expensive, especially hospitalizations,” says Bob Tanner, President/CEO of Greater Family Health. “Being covered by health care insurance can save you money and provides access to affordable care from your doctor and specialists. Insurance can give you easier access to the care you need — including medicines and medical, dental, and behavioral health care.”

Our certified Health Benefits Specialists are 100% committed to assisting you in obtaining the finest coverage available for you and your family.

You can meet with one of our Specialists at any time of year to help you apply for insurance. They will assist you in determining the type of plan(s) you may be eligible for, such as:

Medicaid: More than 72 million Americans receive Medicaid benefits. This joint state and federal government initiative was founded in 1965 to provide healthcare coverage to low-income people.

Marketplace (Affordable Care Act): This federal statute focuses on making health insurance accessible and inexpensive for individuals and families.  This option is intended for persons who are not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, or employer-sponsored insurance.

Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors: Non-citizens over the age of 42 who don’t meet immigration status for Medicaid may be eligible for this state-funded program.

Our Specialists speak English and Spanish, and we have additional translation services accessible, if needed. To learn more about your options, please schedule an appointment with one of our specialists by calling 844-599-3700.

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