Greater Family Health receives Elgin Township funding

Elgin Township officials informed Greater Family Health today that the Township will be providing funding for PAP smears for uninsured females of the Township. Greater Family Health expects to begin providing additional PAP smears in its Elgin Health Centers as a result of the funding as soon as the Funding Agreement is completed.

“PAP smears are such a critical component of cancer detection, yet many ladies put it off due to lack of resources and the fact that it’s hard for one to visualize having cancer” said Bob Tanner, President/CEO of Greater Family Health. “With the State significantly reducing funding for uninsured patient PAP smears, it’s quite significant that Elgin Township has stepped up, offering Greater Family Health resources to provide more smears for our female patients.”

PAP smears are provided at all Greater Family Health Centers, and Elgin Township’s resources will be used to provide more tests for Elgin Township residents.

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