Greater Family Health Recognizes Employees for Years of Service and Dedication

During any other year, Greater Family Health would have held its annual Winter Event this past January. However, just like 2020, this year continues to be different from past years. Due to the ongoing pandemic, plans had to change, and Greater Family Health was unable to gather at its Winter Event as we have done so for the past 15 years. Nevertheless, during a recent organization-wide update, 29 Greater Family Health employees were celebrated and recognized for their ongoing commitment, dedication and years of service to the organization and its patients and clients.
Greater Family Health’s Service Awards symbolize the commitment that our employees have to our mission. Some of the employees recognized below have been a part of the organization since it consisted of just a single Health Center in Elgin, and many have experienced many career milestones throughout their time at Greater Family Health.
The successful growth of Greater Family Health, and the organization’s repeated, nationally-recognized outcomes, are a direct result of the contributions of each and every one of our most-valued employees. We especially congratulate and recognize the employees listed below as their abilities and contributions have just been absolutely essential to Greater Family Health’s continued success.
Please help us congratulate and thank our employees for their service!

Five Years of Service Awardees:

Ten Years of Service Awardees:
Fifteen Years of Service Awardees:
Greater Family Health’s takes great pride in your accomplishments and commitment to excellence! Thank you for helping Greater Family Health continue to fulfill its mission of providing quality and affordable health care for all, including those without the ability to pay!

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