Excellent Outcomes Continue for Greater Family Health

2012 data released by the Bureau of Primary Health Care indicates that Greater Family Health’s outcomes continue to be better than most community health centers on a wide range of health care and operational items.

The UDS Summary Report and UDS Health Center Performance Comparison Reports, released earlier this week by the Health Resources and Services Administration, specify the outcomes of Greater Family Health, comparing them against State of Illinois and National community health center averages and benchmarks.

For the 8th consecutive year, Greater Family Health out-performs its peers:
Health Indicators:

Operational Indicators:
Growth Indicators:

“It’s remains a tremendous credit to all of our staff and Board that we are growing so rapidly and providing such a value while also offering superior health care that results in measurably improved health outcomes” indicated Bob Tanner, President/CEO of Greater Family Health.

“As demonstrated yet again, our professionals provide quality health care. We successfully improve the health of our patients.” said Tanner.

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