SPIRIT OF Excellence Award Winners Announced!

Photo of SPIRIT of Excellence Award Winners

Greater Family Health is excited to announce and celebrate this year’s SPIRIT of Excellence Award winners! While we are proud and thankful for ALL of our employees, Greater Family Health’s annual SPIRIT of Excellence Award winners fully represent the level of excellence that the organization strives for.  


Joined by Bob Tanner, President and CEO, Jason Carey, CFO, Sujith Dhati, CIO, Dr. Deepak Ariga, CMO, the SPIRIT of Excellence committee members, in collaboration with the Human Resources Department, held a breakfast banquet to celebrate all the Quarterly Top Performers at Villa Olivia in Bartlett, Illinois on July 21st, 2022.


Greater Family Health’s SPIRIT of Excellence program recognizes employees in one of four categories: Care Partner, Organization Support, Practitioner and Patient Liaison. The organization’s employee recognition program offers Greater Family Health patients and staff the opportunity to nominate employees who have made a positive difference and demonstrated one or more of Greater Family Health’s organizational values: Mission, Reputation, Quality, Leadership, Communication and Teamwork. 


During the celebration, the SPIRIT of Excellence Committee announced this year’s Top Performers for 2021-2022 for the four categories, selected from the large pool of Quarterly Top Performers.  Greater Family Health’s President and CEO, Bob Tanner, thanked attendees for their excellence, commitment, and dedication to our mission and congratulated all the nominees for each of the four award categories.  He shared that every employee present has made Greater Family Health’s recent successes possible.  Recent accomplishments include record amounts of care provision and volume of patients served, offering the most services in the organization’s history, expanding Greater Family Health’s Behavioral Health Services, and opening four additional buildings, two of which are new Health Centers in Palatine and Franklin Park. 


Tanner encouraged attendees to keep up the excellent work and reminded them that they are the reason that Greater Family Health continues to provide excellent quality and affordable health care services in all the communities it serves.


Greater Family Health 2021-2022 SPIRIT of Excellence Award Winners:

  • Leslie Sanchez, Medical Receptionist, Patient Liaison
  • Kiran Ali, Medical Doctor, Practitioner
  • Alejandra Onofre, Medical Assistant, Care Partner
  • Michelle Parga, Clinic Coordinator, Organizational Support

Quarterly Top Performers for 2021-2022

  • Julisa Campos – Receptionist – Patient Liaison
  • Leslie Sanchez – Receptionist – Patient Liaison
  • Mayra Espinoza – Medical Assistant – Care Partner
  • Ana Rodriguez Medical Assistant – Care Partner
  • Kiran Ali – Medical Doctor – Practitioner
  • Lindsay Mattes – Nurse Practitioner – Practitioner
  • Erin Segovia – Clinical Operations Manager – Organizational Support
  • Stephanie Williams – Administrative Medical Director – Practitioner
  • Leydi Huerta – Receptionist – Patient Liaison
  • Imelda Favela – Dental Assistant – Care Partner
  • Douglas Blasinski – LCSW – Practitioner
  • Mark Strege – Systems Administrator – Organizational Support
  • Kryssel Escobedo – Care Manager – Patient Liaison
  • Crystal Mota Chavez – Medical Assistant – Care Partner
  • Jovana Perez – Medical Assistant – Care Partner
  • Stephanie Ceisel – LCSW – Practitioner
  • Laura Jorgensen – Nurse Practitioner – Practitioner
  • Julian Brown – Help Desk Technician – Organizational Support
  • April Hernandez – Receptionist – Patient Liaison
  • Denisse Osorio – Receptionist – Patient Liaison
  • Beatriz Garcia – Medical Assistant – Care Partner
  • Alejandra Onofre – Medical Assistant – Care Partner
  • April Lococo – LCPC – Practitioner
  • Mahrukh Siddiqui – Medical Doctor – Practitioner
  • Brenda Mejia – EHR Coordinator – Organization
  • Michelle Parga – Clinic Coordinator – Organizational Support

Congratulations to our SPIRIT of Excellence Award winners. And thank you to the entire Greater Family Health Team for your continuous commitment to excellence in health care!

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