Celebrating SPIRIT of Excellence Award Winners!

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Another year has passed and many changes have transpired, yet one thing remains the same: our desire to celebrate and thank our staff for their tremendous efforts in fulfilling our mission, even through the tribulations that came with the pandemic.


On July 21st, 2021, Greater Family Health celebrated the winners of our employee recognition program, SPIRIT of Excellence. The annual event took place at the Villa Olivia in Bartlett, Illinois, where the SPIRIT of Excellence Committee announced this year’s Top Performers for 2021.  Also in attendance were Bob Tanner, President and CEO, Lupe Fonseca, COO, Dr. Deepak Ariga, CMO, Jason Carey, CFO, Stacy David, Practice Manager and Melissa Nevarez, Devlin Collins, and Holly Stowe, all from the HR Department. 


Our SPIRIT of Excellence program offers Greater Family Health patients and staff an opportunity to nominate Greater Family Health employees who have made a positive difference and who have demonstrated one or more of Greater Family Health’s organizational values: Mission, Reputation, Quality, Leadership, Communication and Teamwork.


During the celebration, Greater Family Health’s President and CEO, Bob Tanner, thanked staff for their excellence, commitment, and dedication to our mission and congratulated the winners, and particularly all the nominees for each of the 4 award categories and each quarterly award winner.  He encouraged them to keep up the good work and reminded them that they are the very reason why Greater Family Health continues to provide excellent quality and affordable health care services in all the communities we serve.


Below, you can learn more about why this year’s winners are Greater Family Health’s Top Performers, including a notation from one of the many nominations each received.  The list of Quarterly Top Performers follows.


Greater Family Health 2020-2021 SPIRIT of Excellence Winners:

Amayrani Duran, Medical Assistant, Care Partner

“She does a great job preparing the providers with “heads-ups” information regarding upcoming patients. She compliments the providers well and is always very professional.”


Stephanie Williams, Administrative Medical Director, Organizational Support

“She made me feel very comfortable and actually went through my plan with me and talked me through each option I had without me feeling any judgment.”


Jonathan Chavez, Phone Operator, Patient Liaison

“He is always willing to help the Summit HC reception with filing batches into the correct patient’s chart.”


Dr. Cheerag Patel, Physician, Practitioner

“He is always ready to help and find information. When I asked him how to categorize some hospital documents, he got back to me next week with detailed information. He always goes the extra mile in order to help and make the workflow smoother and easier for all. He is a great leader, always available and ready to answer his phone or help on his days off. This helps everyone at the clinic to feel more confident and appreciated.”


Quarterly Top Performers for 2021

  • Crystal Mota Chavez, Medical Assistant, Care Partner
  • Silvia Zelaya, Medical Assistant, Care Partner
  • Brenda Mejia, EHR Specialist, Care Partner
  • Angelica Angel Aguirre, Medical Assistant, Care Partner
  • Veronica Fraga, Certified Nursing Assistant, Care Partner
  • Zoila Diaz, Medical Assistant, Care Partner
  • Ana Rodriguez Caracheo, Medical Assistant, Care Partner
  • Alejandra Onofre, Medical Assistant, Care Partner
  • Anna Serna, Administrative Assistant, Organizational Support
  • Nahrin Haak, Clinical Operations Manager, Organizational Support
  • Oscar Amezquita, Clinic Coordinator, Organizational Support
  • Nathali Diaz, Care Manager, Patient Liaison
  • Jocelyn Garcia Santiago, Receptionist, Patient Liaison
  • Jonathan Chavez, Phone Operator, Patient Liaison
  • Lux Calderon, Phone Operator, Patient Liaison
  • Elizabeth Hernandez, Receptionist, Patient Liaison
  • Ana Leon Salas, Health Benefits Specialist, Patient Liaison
  • Ryan Colon, Physician Assistant, Practitioner
  • Cheerag Patel, Physician, Practitioner
  • Mark Thompson, Physician, Practitioner
  • Sandhya Chaudhari, Physician, Practitioner
  • Bansi Patel, Physician Assistant, Practitioner
  • Morgan White, Physician Assistant, Practitioner
  • Jasmin Buthman, Nurse Practitioner, Practitioner


Congratulations to our SPIRIT of Excellence Award winners. And thank you to the entire Greater Family Health Team for your continuous commitment to excellence in health care!

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