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Surviving a Pandemic

This past year has been anything but ordinary for most people. We have all been living through a pandemic that never in our lifetimes were we prepared for. COVID-19 has affected people in many ways both positively and negatively, but we can all admit that it has been a difficult road with a lot of adjusting. In the mental health world, we have seen an increase in services and people turning to mental health professionals for help. Let’s review some things you can do to make this current situation as smooth as possible.
Taking proper care of ourselves is something we should be doing in general, but it is crucial to make the effort during this period for several reasons. Taking proper care of our bodies helps us feel better, gives us something to focus on, and most importantly, it helps our immune system, which should not be compromised during a pandemic.
Eating Healthy – Many people are finding ways to come up with healthy and new recipes and even finding ways to include the family and make it a fun activity. Bringing the family together by having a “create your own healthy pizza night” or making fruit smoothies with your children can help you bond and establish healthy habits.
Exercising – Many personal trainers, yoga, and zoom instructors are getting creative by offering online and at-home workouts. With gyms closing, we are limited to what we can do but it doesn’t mean we cannot get creative and find new ways to exercise. If going out to your local park for a jog is not your thing, then tune into YouTube or find what your local yoga studio is offering online. Remember you can always include the entire family.

Getting Regular sleep – Trying to maintain a consistent schedule has been difficult during this pandemic but maintaining your regular sleep cycle is crucial in keeping you healthy.

Socializing – Although the motto of 2020 has been to social distance, we must remember that we are still humans with social needs. Whether it is a zoom call, face time, phone call or even a gathering with chairs far apart. Keep in mind that isolating does not help the situation. Connecting with other humans helps us feel less lonely and creates a sense of security.

Self-Care – It is easy to get anxious and worked up during this time. Remember to take care of your soul and do things to make you feel happy and at ease. These activities can include having some at-home spa time, ordering take out from your favorite restaurant and having a picnic outside, playing with your pets, practicing meditation, reading books or indulging in the show you haven’t had time to watch.

Creating Something to Look Forward to – What is life if we do not have hope for the future? Creating things to look forward to weekly and daily makes life more exciting and gives us hope for tomorrow. Whether it is a week of yummy dinners, a fun family hiking trip on the weekend, a movie marathon, or a new project. It is always exciting to create things to look forward to for you and your family.

It is important to keep in mind that most situations are not permanent. We used to long for days off or to just have some extra time with our loved ones and here is our opportunity to do so. We tend to often want what we cannot have but it is important to be grateful for what we have in each moment and know that not every situation is permanent so embrace the good in every situation.

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