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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Information for Greater Family Health Patients

Change in Scheduled Appointments

As of March 20, 2020, any patient calling Greater Family Health to schedule an appointment will be asked questions about their health and recent travel. Additionally, all patients calling Greater Family Health who have any COVID-19 symptom will be triaged by a Greater Family Health provider who will assess whether the patient needs to come into any of Greater Family Health’s Health Centers for care.

Further, Greater Family Health has limited the types of appointments that will be scheduled for care:

1. Laboratory results will be provided to the patient over the telephone rather than the patient coming into the Health Center for care. The exceptions are abnormal PAP smears, flagged results and sexually transmitted disease result
2. Non-urgent visits such as:
a. Elective procedures such as removal of skin tags and warts
b. Women’s Wellness Exams/PAP smears in those with a prior negative test
c. Well-child visits (the exception being a visit for immunizations)
3. Prescription refills. Please call our office or use our Patient Portal for prescription refills. We will send a message to your provider with a refill request for     your medication(s). The requested refills for these medication(s) will be sent to the pharmacy unless your provider determines that you need to be seen in the Health Center. We will follow-up with you should you need to come into the health center.

4. Paperwork visits. At this time, all patients must mail or fax the forms that you need filled out. Click here for a list of our fax numbers. The provider will review the forms and complete them as appropriate. If the provider determines that an appointment is necessary for this service, Greater Family Health will follow-up with you and schedule an appointment with you. Otherwise, Greater Family Health will let you know once the completed forms are available.

Greater Family Health’s OB department will continue to operate as normal.

For everyone’s safety, at this time we ask that you come to your appointment alone or only with one caregiver if absolutely necessary. Any additional persons may not be allowed in the examination room.

Greater Family Health Dental Clinic and School-based Dental Clinics

Following the instructions of the Illinois Department of Public Health, Greater Family Health will no longer be offering non-emergent or elective oral health care.

This decision is made to safeguard the limited supply of Protective Personal Equipment (i.e., gloves, masks, etc.) throughout the United States.
Until these restrictions are lifted, dental patients in need of an extraction, or those who are experiencing pain and/or needing adjustments or replacement of missing restoration, are the ONLY patients to be scheduled for an appointment or seen as a walk-in.

Greater Family Health’s Dental Clinic will continue to remain open for such patients during our standard hours.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Greater Family Health school-based dental clinics are presently cancelled.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.

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