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How COVID-19 has Impacted Mental Health

This year has been a difficult one for all individuals and communities across the world. Many people have lost their jobs and homes and it’s safe to say that nobody was prepared for something like this. We are all trying to manage the best that we can. The mental health field has seen an increase in services due to all the people who have been affected by the current pandemic. Below is a list of issues we have seen in the Behavioral Health field since lockdown started:
High levels of anxiety – It is safe to say that most people have not experienced something like this in their lifetimes and most people were not prepared for this. The fear of the unknown is something that easily governs the human mind. Anxiety has arisen since initially we did not know how to react to the situation. Unfortunately, we also do not know when things will go back to normal. Anxiety begins to overcome many people, especially if you are already more prone to anxiety.
Lack of motivation – During the last couple of months one of the most common complaints is lack of motivation. Many people are working from home and our brain tends to relate being at home with anything else besides work. So, if we are working from home then it will be hard to get into work mode when you are in your space of comfort. Also, we are spending so much time at home in our comfort zone because we are limited in options of where we can go. It is difficult to get motivated when you wake up knowing that you will not be leaving your house all day.
Symptoms of ADD/ADHD – Many parents are now questioning whether their children or themselves have an attention deficit disorder. This is because we are all struggling with focusing on school/work because most of our activities are now virtual. The human mind/body was not made to be in front of a computer for hours and it makes complete sense that we find ourselves distracted. Keep in mind that children have a lot of energy and they were not meant to sit still for long periods of time. Unfortunately, many activities have been shut down which has been causing children to have no other outlet for their energy resulting in a lack of focus.
Depression – There has been an increase in suicide rates within the last couple of months. A lot of this comes from social distancing and isolation. As much as we need to distance socially to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we forget that we are still social creatures and need human contact to feel happy and warm. People who already feel alone have felt an even deeper level of loneliness which often brings up more severe symptoms of depression.

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